Spiritual and Sabbath

A gift of love for everyone

Gifts have a special power that can instantly brighten up our day. But when we receive a gift from someone we love, the feeling is beyond words. The excitement and anticipation of unwrapping the present—not knowing what’s inside but having faith that it will be perfect because it’s from a loved one—is amazing.

It’s the thoughtfulness behind the gift that makes it so special. It shows that a loved one was thinking about you and took time out of their busy schedule to select something unique just for you. Receiving a gift from someone special is more than just receiving an object; it’s an expression of love and appreciation that creates cherished memories for years to come.

When it comes to special gifts, God is the ultimate gift-giver. And that’s because He loves us so much. From the moment we are born, God’s love is there to guide us through life’s ups and downs, to comfort us in times of need, and to celebrate with us in times of joy. God’s love is boundless and has no conditions attached to it.

And because of His great love for us, God has provided a wonderful gift—a special day each week for us to experience joy and friendship. A circuit-breaker from our busy, stressful lives. This special day is called the Sabbath and it was established at the beginning of the world. When God created the world, He worked for six days and then rested on the seventh day. He blessed the Sabbath and established it as a time of rest for us too.

God knew that we would need time each week to rest, reflect and rejuvenate. On the Sabbath we’re encouraged to slow down and take a break from our daily routines. We live in a world where we’re always busy and rushing around, but on the Sabbath, we get to relax and recharge our batteries. It’s like hitting the reset button on our lives!

The great news is that the Sabbath is for everyone, regardless of who we are or what we’ve done. On the Sabbath we’re all equal and can come together to rest and enjoy time with God and each other. It’s a day to think about our relationship with Him and to be grateful for all the good things He has given us.

The Sabbath helps us to remember that God is in control of everything, and we can trust Him to take care of us. It’s an opportunity to take a break from worrying about our work, finances and other challenges. Leave it to God—He can provide us with guidance and direction. By observing the Sabbath, we honour God, prioritise our relationship with Him and focus on His plans for our lives.

On the Sabbath we are encouraged to turn our attention to the needs of others. In the Bible, we read that Jesus healed people on the Sabbath. He showed us that the Sabbath is a time to show love and compassion to others. By focusing on others, we can grow closer to God and experience the joy that comes with community service.

The Sabbath is also a reminder of God’s forgiveness. We don’t have to keep track of all the things we’ve done wrong because God forgives us and loves us no matter what. We can let go of grudges and bitterness and show forgiveness to those who may have done things that have upset us. By forgiving others, we can experience the freedom that comes with God’s love.

Ultimately, the Sabbath is a gift from a loving God who wants the best for all of us. Observing the Sabbath is about experiencing freedom—freedom from stress, anxiety and worry—as we trust in God’s provision for all aspects of our lives. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you give the Sabbath a try?

Live Webinar: Sabbath and the Bible

Robbie Berghan

Robbie became a faith experimenter shortly after the attacks of 9/11. Today Robbie is a sought-after international speaker and Bible prophecy teacher who has lectured in more than 30 countries around the world on various biblical themes. He has degrees in engineering, computer science and religion and has lived in four different countries, studying world cultures and religions. Robbie has appeared in a number of documentaries, television and radio programs and is the host of the podcast “The Faith Experiment”. Currently, he is a speaker on Faith FM Radio, where he connects ancient scriptures to contemporary everyday life. Join Robbie for this insightful talk about the spiritual purpose and the practical benefits of the Sabbath. If time permits, there will be an interactive Q&A session.