Share the Gift of Sabbath:

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What do you love about the Sabbath? Is it the chance to get out in nature? Perhaps it’s being able to switch off from the stress of work or study? To rest and re-energise. We know it’s good for our mental health and builds relationships. The Sabbath is truly a gift that transforms lives.

So what does the Sabbath mean to you? Create a short video or social media post and share the gift of the Sabbath. It’s easy to get involved!



Three ways you can get involved


Create your own Sabbath stories for social media, and engage with people responding to them.


Share Sabbath stories created by others on your social networks, and engage with people responding to the content.


Pray that this Sabbath Gift promotion will inspire people to experience Sabbath for themselves, and encourage those who are sharing and engaging with them.

Create and share content like this





Win prizes

Register and participate in the Sabbath Gift promotion

  • 5 x $100 prize for people in each union for registering and participation in the Sabbath Gift promotion.
  • 1 x $500 prize for someone in each union based on creativity, reach, engagement and effectiveness of their content or the content they are sharing.
  • Total prizes $4000 across the division.

Frequently-asked questions

What is the Sabbath Gift promotion about?

  • The Sabbath Gift promotion is about sharing what the Sabbath means to you via social media.
  • You can create short videos and other types of social media posts to inspire others to find out more about the Sabbath.
  • A range of different content is being prepared to help people explore the benefits of the Sabbath. Apart from social media content, the website features videos, articles and information about online events that people can engage with.
  • The goal of the promotion is for the general public to discover the benefits of the Sabbath.

Apart from creating content, how else can I be involved?

There are a number of ways you can participate in this promotion:

  • Share existing content about the Sabbath. Find a piece of content about the Sabbath and post it to your own social media so your friends and family can see it.
  • Pray that God might bless the Sabbath Gift promotion and lead people to discover the joys of keeping the Sabbath and ultimately meet the Creator of the Sabbath.
  • Encourage those who are creating content. Liking a post and writing a positive comment on a post are all ways to positively contribute to the community of Sabbath Gift creators.

When does the promotion start and finish?

  • The promotion runs from June 1 to June 30, 2023, however you are welcome to keep creating content about the Sabbath and sharing your faith in creative ways long after the promotion finishes.
  • The website will remain active after the promotion has finished to help people who are looking for content about the Sabbath.

Why should I register for this promotion?

  • By registering, it will help other church members find your content, so they can pray and encourage you.
  • It will help you find other content creators to see what they are doing for inspiration.
  • It will help you find people who are participating so you can find content to share with your network of friends and family.
  • Those who register will receive updates during the promotion with tips on how to be effective and encouragement to keep going. We’ll also make sure to keep you in the loop about exciting online events you can join and invite your friends to.
  • You will also have the chance to win a cash prize.

How do I register for the promotion?

Anyone is welcome to register for the promotion. Simply complete the form below.

What is the Sabbath Challenge?

The Sabbath Challenge is an invitation to people to try the Sabbath for a month to experience its transformative power.

What do I do if people write comments I don’t like on my social media post?

You have three options, choose which one you are most comfortable with (think R.I.D.):

  1. Respond – this is an opportunity to show grace and composure. Remember the conversation isn’t necessarily just between you and the person who has made the comment, everyone else can see what is written too. If you can respond in a constructive way that’s great.
  2. Ignore – sometimes time doesn’t permit you to respond to every comment, or you may not know what to say. When you don’t want to appear to be argumentative, then this is a good option to just ignore the comment. Not everyone will agree or like what you have done.
  3. Delete – if the comments are abusive, rude or offensive, then of course you can delete these comments. It’s a good idea to delete spam comments because they are not adding value to the conversation.


    CreateShare & EngagePray & Encourage

    The Sabbath is truly a gift that transforms lives.


    Use these images to help promote Sabbath Gift to your church. We’ve included images you can use in your e-newsletter, on your website and on your social channels to spread the word and get everyone involved in sharing the Sabbath Gift. The aim is to reach 10 million people!